Best Methods to Learn Craps

Learn Craps

Best Methods to Learn Craps

If you have been to a คาสิโนออนไลน์ casino, you might be familiar with the most popular games offered on the floor. Craps is a game that has been in the picture for a long time now and is the favorite of social gamblers. That makes the craps table boisterous for most of the time, with a number of players wagering on the outcomes. But it is the same factor that makes the game special with the lively ambience and excitement. When you want to have a lot of fun gambling, there wouldn’t be a better option than craps. This classic dice-throwing casino game could appear confusing to most of the beginners. Around four casino employees will be required to handle the game since it will have a huge table with a dozen of players on it.


You are likely to feel out of the element if you aren’t aware of the lingo they use for every move and bet. With chips moving fast and increments in bets stepping up steadily, novices could get confused with the game. Although it seems complicated in the initial few stages, you can easily get through it to place bets and win. The daunting phase of the game will pass as soon as you get along with the game’s progress. Look through the methods given below to learn about craps so that you wouldn’t find it difficult to blend in.


Books About Craps

1.  No-Nonsense Craps

No-Nonsense Craps was published in 2008, and it focuses on snubbing the crap-related myths. Richard Orlyn penned the book to take a straight approach at the game with a theory that is easily understandable. The book also covers the areas of betting skills, strategies, and money management.


2.  How to Play Craps

The second edition of ‘How to Play Craps,’ which released in 2016, was the one that witnessed better sales. Travis Carpagio, the author of the book, has focused on breaking down the gameplay into formats that are easy to grasp for the beginners. The book covers basic rules, terminology, specific types of bets, methods to get the best odds, and strategies.

Craps Software

Craps Software

Craps software can help you have a better idea about what happens on the table during a game. Winning strategies are also taught on these platforms, and other statistical information regarding the bets and the house edge is also covered here. Benefits of using the software are plenty, and all its features make it easy for every beginner to understand craps better. WinCraps and Smart Craps are two of the most popular craps software available today.


Craps Class

Head to a casino for your classes before you get there for a game of craps. Many major casinos are offering complimentary craps classes to beginners so that they have more gamblers visiting in the future. Make sure to gather all the details of the class, and be there on time. Ask the casino concierge, dealer, or pit boss about the lessons, and they can guide you on the timings. The tutorials are usually held in the afternoon or early morning hours when the rush is minimal.

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